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Sanibel Island Fishing

The fishing here around Sanibel this month has been some of the best ever!
Perfect weather has the fishing turned on. I wish every year was like this!
Schooled up redfish, the biggest trout ever, and now the Tarpon are moving in.
Sanibel Island and Fishing, perfect weather.
WOW! what more can you ask for? 
Here are some recent pictures.

See ya on the water!

Sanibel Island Fishing Charters

Great weather has made it great for fishing.
Trout and redfish have been all over pine island sound.
Dave and Mike here with dinner.

We even saw some Tarpon this week.
Its a good idea to call early for booking trips. Only 4 days open in March.  April and May are filling up fast!
See ya on the water!
Captain Greg Hood 

Sanibel Island Fishing Charters

Fishing this week around Sanibel is nice!
We have beautiful weather and the fishing is good.
I ran trips all week. Ike Eastman from Wyoming caught his fish on fly.

Tarpon trips are getting pretty full. I work with other guides if you need help finding the right charter Captain.
See ya on the water!

Sanibel Fishing

Sanibel Fishing is heating up!
Schools of Redfish, ladyfish, trout, pompano, and sharks are making there way on the sound.
If the weather stays like this. Fishing will be great this year.
See ya on the water.
Captain Greg Hood

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Sanibel Fishing

Sanibel Island Fishing

Warmer weather in this weeks forecast for Sanibel Island Fishing.
Water temperatures are key this time of year. I prefer to use artificial bait. This time of year there isn’t much bait anyway, except shrimp. Light tackle and stalking with a push pole is a great way to fish here around Sanibel, and Pine Island Sound.

With the water temperatures climbing. Ladyfish and Trout have been making their way up the Sound. Later these schools of fish will be attacked by Tarpon and Sharks. Redfish and Snook will be coming out of their hiding places, all looking for anything to eat, and clean saltwater.

I have been focusing on the afternoon fishing. Living so close to the water, I found the bigger fish feeding on top water plugs, on the high tide. Gator trout’s and big redfish move on top of sand mixed with short clean grass. Anything that resembles a finger mullet will do the trick. I also like to see mullet jumping in the area.

This time of year we get this algae or moss that chokes out our beautiful grass beds and makes it tuff on crustaceans to move.Then it dies and floats to the surface once again exposing the grass, and fouling up my tarpon lines.

March trips are filling up nicely. If your planning a trip, its time to give me a call or drop an email.

See ya on the water,
Captain Greg Hood
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