Sanibel Island Fishing Review

I took Chris and Steve out Fishing from Sanibel Island. Here is what Chris had to say:

A friend and I went fishing with Captain Greg Hood of Tarpoons off of Sanibel Island, FL this past week and we were not disappointed! I have been fishing all my life and had the privilege of taking many charters worldwide, but I must say this was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a guide. 

When booking our trip the Captain was very communicative, letting me know pick up times and what we could expect out of the day, from fishing to weather. Once picked up he gave us a thorough overview of his plan for the day. This was nice because we knew how the day would progress, but it also showed that Captain Greg cared about our trip and had put a lot of thought into his approach. 

We first caught ladyfish to be used for bait and I lost a few at the boat. Some captains would be upset about this… Capt. Greg remained a positive cheerleader, cracking jokes and keeping the mood light. 

We then went on to fish for some oversized redfish. As we approached the fishing location Capt. Greg explained each move he was making and what we would do to stalk the fish, answering all questions I had about his tactics. In no time at all we were hooked up!!! We got into a school of 30-35 inch bull redfish that put up quite a fight. Again, I lost a few fish… and again, Capt. Greg was the constant professional, smiling, cracking jokes and dropping pointers in a non-obtrusive way. 

After wearing out the bull reds for several hours Capt. Greg asked if we wanted to try something different. We moved on to shallow water flats using artificial lures to attract redfish and trout. I am a live bait fisherman with less experience using artificial baits. Capt. Greg said he’d make me a believer in artificials by the end of the day and he was right! We caught several slot redfish and huge gator trout… all perfect for the dinner table. While fishing with the artificials Capt. Greg was a constant jovial cheerleader and teacher, making the experience not only fun, but also very educational. 

After boating a plethora of fish it was time to head in. Capt. Greg filleted our keepers (perfectly) and sent us on our way with smiles. Thank you Capt. Greg Hood and Tarpoons for a wonderful Sanibel Island fishing experience!!!

As promised here is a picture of a Shark!
But this was another trip.
See ya on the water!