Sanibel Captiva Island Fishing Charters

Sanibel Island Fishing.

Wind and fog with cooler temperatures has made Sanibel fishing a challenge. I like a challenge.

I like the change in seasons. This time of year is always a nice change from the hot temperatures we endure in the summer and fall.

Many of my days now are focused on the tides and wind direction to set up long drifts. Water levels are lower and I find Snook, Redfish, and Trout, staged near sand pockets and oyster bars.

Bait starts to be scarce, and I like artificials anyway. I think finger mullet is on the menu for most every type of fish at this time, so I like to use something that resembles a finger mullet.

Most of my trips at this time of year are clients coming from somewhere cold. They want to get away from ice and snow. I don’t blame them.
One thing I do remind people is that this is winter time for us too.
So maybe the fishing isn’t the greatest on one given day, but it’s still fun to get out here and try to stick some nice fish.

Catching a mess of trout can still be a lot of fun, heck catching a mess of ladyfish can still be a lot of fun. I just like setting the hook on something!
Especially if it jumps, shakes its head and pulls back.

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