Sanibel Island Fishing

The weather is hot here at Sanibel Island.
The rainy season is finally here and cooled things off some. We really needed the rain.
I think no rain fall in May and June hurt the crab flow for Tarpon fishing in the passes.
Poons in the pass the last moon phases was not like it was in previous years.
Grouper fishing is good, but that’s catch and release. Redfishing is slow until the fall.
I’m trying for mangrove snapper in the passes, but no luck yet!
So…..I’m fishing mostly far Sharks and Tarpon. I like something that pulls back!!
Although Sally Bradley took her turn fishing with her husband Roger and left the rest behind for a change and landed this 31″ 11lb Redfish yesterday. She also put the smack down on some nice Groupers too!
I’m glad you decided to fish Sally. I hope to see you out fishing more.